Frequently Asked Questions

What OS and file formats are supported?

Cold Turkey Writer works on Windows and macOS and can only open and save files in plain text (.txt). Once your draft is saved, you can open the text file in your favourite text editor to finish off the formatting.

Are you making a Chrome OS/Android/iOS version?

No. The main focus of this app is to block out all distractions. These OS's have security features that prevent me from keeping Cold Turkey Writer open even when you try to close it (for now).

Can't I just <insert key combination> out of Writer?


Does "asdf asdf asdf" count as 3 words?

Congratulations. You figured it all out.

I bought the pro version. Where are my features?

The pro features are available once you start a writing session. You'll be able to click a little arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen which will reveal a list of options.

What advanced settings are available?

The pro advanced settings include enabling or disabling: copy and paste, text selection, the backspace key, the delete key and the arrow keys. You'll also get the coffee shop and rain sound effects and some theming options.

What theming options?

There are just two themes: light and dark. This feature is a nice to have for writers that find themselves up late at night. Additionally, you can change the text size between small, medium and large and serif to sans-serif.

I switched my OS or lost my download link, can I get a new one?

Yes, please request a link in the support form: