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How to Block YouTube on Windows and macOS

Setting up for success. If you haven’t already, download and install Cold Turkey Blocker for Windows or macOS. This guide will show you how to block YouTube on your computer using Cold Turkey. Why block YouTube? YouTube is the most distracting website blocked by Cold Turkey. People watch one billion hours of video on YouTube, every day! Not very useful … Read More

Why Are Some Websites Addictive?

The main reason websites are addictive. It’s no secret that big tech companies make their websites addictive. In August 2018, 50 psychologists openly accused social media companies for using hidden manipulation techniques to keep people hooked. Even a high ranking ex-employee from Google is speaking out against these techniques. These hidden manipulation techniques are called persuasive design. Persuasive design is … Read More

The Most Distracting Websites Blocked by Cold Turkey

How we got the data. Cold Turkey is a website and application blocker that blocks distractions when you’re trying to do work on a computer. When visiting a blocked site, Cold Turkey displays a block page with a motivational quote. It hopefully inspires you to stay focused on your work. But the block page is also what allowed us to … Read More

6 Free Website Blockers for Studying & Improving Focus

Why use a website blocker? Do you ever feel distracted by addicting websites when trying to do work? If so, don’t blame yourself! The designers of most addicting websites employ certain psychological tricks to make you spend as much time as possible on their service. The more time you spend on their site, the more ads they can run. The … Read More