The most complete distraction blocker available for Windows.

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Do you ever catch yourself checking Facebook while trying to do work? Cold Turkey lets you temporarily block these distractions so you can focus on finishing your work sooner.

Highly Customizable

Cold Turkey was designed to have lots of features. You can set it to block anything from a specific webpage to the entire Internet. You can also allow exceptions, block applications, or even use it to lock yourself out of your computer!

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Difficult to Circumvent

One of the main reasons people use Cold Turkey is because you can lock in your settings. Locking your settings guarantees that you’ll follow through with your goals. It’s not for everyone, but it can be useful when the “going gets tough!”

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Used by over 250,000 people

Cold Turkey is used by students, freelancers, writers, developers, and others that want to be more productive with their time. Many people feel that Cold Turkey has helped them be more productive, in fact, 97% of Cold Turkey Pro customers would recommend it to a friend.

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