The magic of a typewriter on your computer.

Writer transforms your computer into a typewriter that forces you to do your work.

Hold your computer hostage.

Cold Turkey Writer dumbs down your computer into a typewriter. Essentially, blocking out everything on your computer until you reach your writing goal. Your goal can either be a duration of time or number of words typed. Once you click start, you can't back out.

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Simple interface

Minimalist design, maximum productivity.

Cold Turkey Writer doesn't replace a word processor. The magic is all in making you focused on one thing: writing. Writer helps you get the first draft written, distraction-free.

After you reach your goal, you can open the text file in another editor to format it. The point is, you'll already be done the hardest part!

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Watch your productivity soar.

You'd be surprised how little time you need to finish your work. Although the fullscreen block provides a distraction free environment, it also does something else. It motivates you to finish, so you can use your computer again!


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