About Me


My name is Felix and I starting working on Cold Turkey in 2010. At first, Cold Turkey was a side project while working a full time job. Little did I know how many people would find it useful! In 2017, I decided to take the plunge and started to work on it full time. To this day, I'm very grateful for the support I've received from my supporters so that I can continue focusing on improving my products. Thank you!

How It Started

It all started in university when one of my friends, Jacob, asked me to block World of Warcraft so that he could study. That's when I made a tiny program that would do this for him.

XKCD comic about grades
XKCD web comic.

How It Went

It went great for Jacob, but not for me. I too, wanted to block a few websites to help me focus. However, as a Computer Engineering student, I always found an easy way around the block that I made.

The Solution

On a holiday break, I started to develop the first version of Cold Turkey. A few other friends came up with the name and first logo. It wasn't the prettiest software out there, but it worked.

Screenshot of the first version of Cold Turkey

How It's Going

I get feature requests almost every day from people that like my software and want to help make it better. Development can be a little slower than some larger companies, but over time, I add in the most requested features. When you purchase one of my products, you're not only investing in yourself, but in my continued work in the software. So thank you, once again!

Screenshot of Cold Turkey Blocker now