World Wildlife Fund Donations

Past Donations

About twice a year, I will make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund of Canada from proceeds generated from the "Pause for a Cause" feature. To be as transparent as possible, past donations will be posted here.

$5,046 CAD for July 2020 (feature launch) - Dec 2020
No donation made yet.

Frequently asked questions

Because I am donating to a charity on your behalf, it's best to be fully transparent on how it's done.

What money do you donate?
By default, there's a feature on the block page called "Pause for a Cause." This lets you buy a 10 minute break from your block and the proceeds of that sale are donated to the World Wildlife Fund.
Do I get a tax credit?
No, because you are receiving a service in return for money, it is not considered a donation on your part.
So, you get the tax credit?
Correct, I am make the donation on your behalf from the proceeds (what's left after sales tax and processing fees).
What else do you do to minimize carbon emissions?
This website is hosted using Greengeeks which a green web hosting provider that puts back 300% of the power consumed into the grid in the form of renewable energy.