Probably the most stubborn text editor ever made.

Writer is basically impossible to exit before you reach your writing goal. Since Writer essentially turns your computer into a typewriter, you'd be surprised how little time you need to finish your work.

Distraction-free writing.

The fullscreen block provides a distraction free environment but it also acts as a motivator: so that you can use other apps again.

To check how much time or words you have left, just check the progress bar at the top. After you've reached your goal, you will see the option to snooze (for 10 additional minutes) or save and quit. Choose what's necessary.

Screenshot of Writer

Types of Blocks

Writer gives you two choices on how long you want to stay locked into the app for.


If you prefer to have a time limit on how long you work, this is the optoin for you. Just type the number of minutes you want your block to last. The timer has to be set between 1 and 999 minutes.

Word Count

If you're results oriented and don't care how long the block lasts, a word count can keep you honest. This option lets you type a number of words you want to type before you can exit Writer again.
Screenshot of block options

Portable and always handy.

Writer runs as a stand-alone program, which means there is no installer. This makes it easy for you to copy the program on a USB stick and use it on multiple computers; ideal if you want to focus using a library computer.

Productivity hacks. Pro Only

Cold Turkey Writer Pro includes features for advanced writers. Tiny productivity tricks like disabling the delete/backspace key are great for typing out the first draft.

Screenshot of productivity hacks while in a writing session

Go easy on your eyes by using a light theme for the day and a dark theme at night.


Font size can be changed between three available sizes and between serif and sans-serif fonts to your personal preference.


Many professional authors prefer to type without the ability to use certain keys in order to preserve their stream of thought.

Stay focused with productive soundtracks.

Getting tired of playing your favorite songs on repeat? Listen to stimulating and soothing background sounds that get you in the zone! Soundtracks are provided by Coffitivity and RainyMood.

Coffitivity and RainyMood logos

Never lose any work.

Don't worry about having to click the save button. Your draft will automatically be saved to your users "Documents" folder every 10 seconds. If your computer crashes, you can find the last version of your draft there.

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