Whitelist Applications

Micromanager will only let you use applications you added to your whitelist. Any other window you try to access will be minimized or closed.

The free version lets you select one application to whitelist. In the pro version, you can select as many apps as you need to do your work.

Recently opened applications

The list will automatically list applicaions that you have currently open so that you can easily select which ones you want to whitelist. Click the add recently opened apps button to refresh the list with applicaions you opened after running Micromanager.

Export to file

The export to file button lets you save the selected applications so that you can quickly import them again in a new session.

Import from file

As mentioned, you can import a pre-defined list of applications that you've exported before. To do this, just click the import from file button.

Durations of the Block

Here, you'll need to select how long you want the block to last.


The most common option is to have a time based block. You can select how many minutes you want your application whitelist to last in the text box. The timer can be set for one minute to 1440 minutes.


Selecting this option will only allow applications in your whitelist to be opened until you restart your computer. This is a great way to add some flexibility around the block in case you need to access something in an emergency.
Screenshot of duration settings

Take a Break Pro Only

You aren't a robot. Take some breaks while working to help keep you refreshed and focused for when it's time to get stuff done.

Pomodoro timers

Pomodoro timers alternate the block on and off while you work to allow for breaks at predefined times.


Allowances, on the other hand, let you use other apps until the allowance is used up. At which point, your block will start.

Once you start, you can't go back.

Micromanager is designed to be hard to get around. Once you start a block, there's not much you can do except wait for it to end.

You won't be able to uninstall, change the time or end processes using the task manager to prematurely end the block.

Screenshot of start tab

Blocking Settings

To get to this tab, click the Settings tab at the top.


The option under this tab lets you choose whether or not Micromanager will close other apps not in your whitelist, or if it'll just minimize them.


Under this tab, you can choose whether or not you want to see a notification after your block or on Pomodoro work and break session changes.
Screenshot of settings tab

Keeping track of time.

Once a block is started, you'll be able to keep track of how much time is left before your block is over. Your allowance and breaks remaining will also be listed here.

Screenshot of countdown while a block is active

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