Your boss on steroids.

Cold Turkey Micromanager will only let you use applications you added to your whitelist. Any other window you try to access will be minimized or closed.

Pro users can add an unlimited number of applications to the whitelist.

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Duration selection screenshot

Set your own hours.

You can micromanage yourself using a countdown timer or until you restart your computer. The timer can be set for as little as one minute to as much as 16 hours.

Micromanaging yourself until you restart your computer is a great way to add some flexibility around the block in case you need to access something in an emergency.

Need a few breaks?

In the pro version, you can add breaks to your block. Pomodoro style breaks to give you a predefined break after working a certain amount.

If you'd rather more control, allowances can be used so that you can use other applications for a predefined period of time.

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Overview shown before starting a block

Once you start, you can't go back.

Cold Turkey Micromanager is designed to be hard to get around. Once you start a block, there's not much you can do except wait for it to end.

You won't be able to uninstall, change the time or end processes using the task manager to prematurely end the block.

Keeping track of time.

Once a block is started, you'll be able to keep track of how much time is left before your block is over. Your allowance and breaks remaining will also be listed here.

You can futher customize what notifications you see and what happens to non-whitelisted windows by clicking the Options button.

Countdown screen