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Being an ex-developer first thing I did was try to find workarounds on circumventing the blocks but nope. First app like this I can't break and it's helping me break bad habits.

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Your service has been critical to controlling my free time and transforming it into a space for me to organize thought, business ideas and work on personal development without external distractions.

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Micromanager Pro - Lifetime Access

For people that want access to all features. Your purchase includes free lifetime updates and email support.

All Free Features Plus

  • Whitelist multiple apps

  • Breaks

Pay once, own forever

Only one purchase needed for
all computers you personally use.

Micromanager Free

For people that want just want the basic features.

Free Features

  • Whitelist an application

  • Block until restart

  • Timed blocks

  • Settings

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Pricing FAQ

Still have a question? Check for other solutions on our support page.

Do you have any discounts?
Yes, students can request 20% off by going to the support page and clicking the link in the FAQ.
Is my purchase valid for both Windows and macOS?
Yes, your purchase includes a license for both macOS and Windows. If you purchase a product on one OS, you can request a free download link for the other OS on the support page. Linux, ChromeOS, Android, iOS or other operating systems are not supported.
Do you have a free trial of the pro version?
No, but the free version should give you a good idea of what the pro version would let you do.
Can I use Micromanager on more than one computer?
Yes, one purchase lets you install Cold Turkey products on all computers that you personally use.
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes, if you're not satisfied for any reason, a full refund can be provided within 30 days of purchase.
Who are you? Is my payment secure?
My name is Felix and I make a living supporting this software. Yes, I use a secure merchant of record called Paddle which makes sure your information stays safe.