Just the basics

Lock yourself into one application for a duration of time or until you restart.

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Focus like a pro

Everything you get with Basic, plus breaks and unlimited applications in your whitelist.

One time payment of

$19 CAD

What you get

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Email support 30-day guarantee
Email support

Only allow whitelisted apps

Yes Yes

Basically impossible to get around

Yes Yes

Countdown timer

Yes Yes

Block until you restart

Yes Yes

Minimize or exit blocked apps

Yes Yes


Yes Yes

Unlimited whitelist

No Yes

Allowance break

No Yes

Pomodoro breaks

No Yes

Is this a recurring charge, or only a one time payment?

Only a one time payment. Subscription based models are good for business, but they're also really annoying! My goal is to charge a fair price so that you can get long term value from Cold Turkey and stay productive longer.

Can I use Micromanager on more than one computer or OS?

Yes! With one purchase, you can use Micromanager on all computers that you personally use. If you need another download link, please visit the support page here.

What's email support like?

If you have any issues or comments, feel free to send me a message through the contact form on the support page. Response times can vary between a few minutes to two business days, but you'll get a reply directly from me, the developer!

Who are you? Is my payment secure?

My name is Felix. I started working on Cold Turkey products 6 years ago and I now make a living supporting them. And yes, I use secure third party services like DPD (, PayPal, and Stripe so that your information stays safe.