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Download links, Discounts and Refunds

I lost my download link to the pro version, can you resend it to me?
Yes, please click here and enter the email you used to make the purchase. A new download link will be sent to you automatically.

Resend Download Link

Please enter your purchase email below.

I have an old download link that won't work anymore, what gives?
Old download links may expire so you might just need to request a new one using the link in the previous question.
The app isn't what I expected, can you provide a refund?
Yes, please contact me below with your order number and I'll let you know when it's processed.
Soo, about that student discount you mentioned?
Right! Just click here and enter your student email. A (mostly) automatic system will send you a coupon if it determines your email is from a school. Please use your personal email when making the purchase so you can still get your product key after you graduate.

Student Discount

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Technical Solutions

I'm using macOS and some apps aren't showing up under the whitelist tab.
If you have an external monitor, this can be fixed by moving the application to the same screen as Micromanager. If that doesn't apply, you might need to restart your computer. These are limitations with macOS APIs that Apple needs to fix.
I'm using Windows and some apps aren't showing up under the whitelist tab.
Micromanager does it's best to filter out background apps by only listing ones with a window. Try opening the app to see if that helps. If the app uses a different method of displaying a windoe, it might not be possible to whitelist. I'm working on a fix for this.
The above don't apply but the app still isn't being listed.
You might just need to click the add recently opened apps button in the top right corner to tell Micromanager to scan for all open apps again.
What are your system and browser requirements?
The same as Cold Turkey Blocker: Windows 7 or macOS 10.12 and later. More details can be found on our system requirements page.


Can you take phone calls or screenshare?
Unfortunately, no. I'm a one man show and just don't have the resources to offer that level of support.
Do you have a Linux, Android or iOS version?
Linux, Android, iOS or other operating systems like ChromeOS are not supported. Limitations in certain operating systems prevent apps like Micromanager from being developed on those platforms.

Contact the Developer

If the FAQ didn't answer your question, feel free message me.

Responses may take a few workdays.