The latest version of Cold Turkey Blocker for Windows is 3.10.

The latest version of Cold Turkey Blocker for macOS is 3.10.

How to update

This version of Cold Turkey Blocker can be installed without having to uninstall the previous version, provided you have v2.1 or later already installed.

This version of Cold Turkey Blocker can be installed without having to uninstall the previous version.

Your settings will be automatically transferred to the new version. If you are a pro user, your product key will be automatically applied after installing the free version.

Download for Windows

Download for macOS

Dashboard screenshot

Release Notes (3.10)

+ Added support for new Firefox profile folder structure

+ Added support for new Firefox private window settings

+ Added support for Opera 60 on macOS

+ Added start of week setting (Sunday/Monday)

+ Added 6, 12, 24 hour timers to system menu

+ Timers can be started via system menu without a password

+ SeaMonkey and Firefox Nightly now unsupported browsers

+ Localhost can be added as a website exception

~ Daily allowance calculations fixed when blocks overlap

~ Fixed bug that let whitespaces be added/imported to list

~ Fixed block not starting if "heads up" pop-up not closed (macOS)

~ Fixed bug with pro activation after starting trial (macOS)

~ Fixed bug where double-clicking system tray icon cleared settings

~ Permitting IOException's while detecting extension state

~ Future-proofing (WKWebKit, Python 3) for macOS 10.15

- Maximum list import is now 1000 entries to prevent crashing

- macOS 10.11 is now required to install Blocker

Release Notes (3.9)

+ Added Chrome Canary as an unsupported browser

+ Opera extension installer updated for Opera 58

~ Finally fixed rare issue where settings were reset (win)

~ Improved extension state detection for 'Roaming' profiles

~ Browsers now may need to restart after running installer

Release Notes (3.8)

+ Added name of the application being blocked in notification

+ Added support to select multiple applications at once (mac)

~ Fixed notifications at the end of trial (win)

~ Fixed database error after first install (win)

~ Changes to allow compatibility with macOS 10.10 (mac)

~ Changes to prevent Safari from quitting after sleeping (mac)

Release Notes (3.7)

+ Added support for Brave, Brave Dev and Brave Beta

+ Firefox Safe-Mode is now blocked during locked blocks

+ Reinstalling Safari extension more thorough (mac)

+ Reduced app blocking time-out from 5 seconds to 1 second (win)

+ Fixed rare conflicts with Microsoft Office applications (win)

~ Fixed rare bugs where Firefox extension not being detected

~ Fixed bug when trying to edit 10th or more block list

~ Fixed bug where upgrade tab was hidden during trial

~ Fixed bug which allowed block list edits during locked block (mac)

~ Fixed bug where allowance B wasn't working (mac)

~ Frozen Turkey presents you with macOS login screen (mac)

Release Notes (3.6)

+ Non-conflicting exceptions can now be added during active blocks

+ Pro status now displayed in title bar

~ Fixed bug to detect incognito availability in Chrome-like browsers

~ Fixed bug to detect Opera browser (if installed in user-mode)

~ Changes to allow apostrophes in user name (win)

~ Changes to allow apostrophes in settings

Release Notes (3.5)

+ Added support for Chrome (Dev, Beta), Firefox Dev and Vivaldi

+ Option to have block affect all users or current user during install

+ Added support for all UTF8 characters in block lists

+ Added support to block Chrome guest mode browsing

+ Added support to block Chrome and Opera independently

+ Added support to block .bin and .com files

+ Added support to block localhost and

+ Added support to block chrome:// addresses (when a flag is set)

+ Added support for multiple browser profiles

+ Added more browsers to unsupported/block list, including TOR

~ Browser will now close momentarily after disabling extension

~ Reduced time to re-enable the extensions to 30 seconds

~ Method to install and/or determine extension state improved

~ Bug where events are misplaced on schedule after a week fixed

~ Block list exceptions not longer count toward daily allowances

~ Exceptions can't be added while a locked block is active

~ Installer will no longer let you cancel to get around block

~ Various performance/block reliability/UI fixes

- Removed max limit on number of block lists

Release Notes (3.4)

+ Added free trial of pro features

+ Added customisable block pages for pro users

~ Improved extension installer

~ More scheduler bugs fixed

~ Firefox not closing when extension disabled fixed

~ 2 minute warning timer fixed

Release Notes (3.3)

~ Fixed compatibility with EO.Webbrowser

~ Increased time to re-enable extensions to 1 minute

~ Scheduler bugs fixed

~ Steam can now be blocked

~ Various reliability fixes

Release Notes (3.2)

~ Migrated from .NET Webbrowser to EO.Webbrowser

Release Notes (3.1)

+ Added statistics feature

+ Added daily time limit feature

+ Added password feature

+ Added a refreshed dashboard

+ Added ability to block specific URL/IP

+ Blocks now work when using a VPN

+ Block page shows more reliably

- Browser Extensions are now required

- Edge/IE are not supported and will be blocked

New to Cold Turkey?

No worries, you can still download Blocker for free from the links above or you can see more options on the pricing page.