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Block an unlimited number of websites using timers and enable statistics to keep track of the biggest time-wasters.

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Get work done, like a pro

Everything you get with Basic, plus scheduling, password, application blocking, breaks, daily time limits and more!

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$25 CAD

"Cold Turkey Blocker has been the vanguard for my self-control over the last year... Best money I've ever spent."

- A nice person on Reddit
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What you get

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7-day pro trial
Email support
30-day guarantee
Free minor updates
Discount on major updates
Email support

Unlimited website blocking

Yes Yes

Unlimited block duration

Yes Yes

Motivational block page

Yes Yes

Locked mode

Yes Yes

Cross-browser support

Yes Yes

Compatible with VPNs

Yes Yes

Start blocks from system tray

Yes Yes


Yes Yes

Unlimited application blocking

No Yes

Unlimited website exceptions

No Yes


No Yes


No Yes

Daily time limits

No Yes

Pomodoro-like breaks (sprints)

No Yes

Block specific webpages

No Yes

Block the entire Internet (wildcards)

No Yes

Device lock-out (frozen turkey)

No Yes

Customize the block page

No Yes
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Subscriptions really add up when you do the math


Cold Turkey

Total cost after first year

$29.00 USD $25 CAD

Total cost after three years

$87.00 USD $25 CAD

Total cost after five years

$145.00 USD $25 CAD

Is this a recurring charge, or only a one time payment?

Only a one time payment for each major version (with a discount for upgrades). Subscription based models are good for business, but they're also really annoying! My goal is to charge a fair price so that you can get long term value from Cold Turkey and stay productive longer.

Can I use my product key on more than one computer or OS?

Yes! With one purchase, you can install Cold Turkey products on all computers that you personally use. Your product key will work for both macOS and Windows.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! If you're not happy with Cold Turkey products (for any reason), a full refund can be provided within 30 days of purchase.

Who are you? Is my payment secure?

My name is Felix and I make a living supporting Cold Turkey software. Yes, I use secure third party services like DPD (, PayPal, and Stripe so that your information stays safe.