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Product Keys, Discounts and Refunds

I already paid for pro, how do I download it again?
Please download Blocker Free from the download page and use your product key to update within the app. If you lost your product key, click here and enter the email you used to make the purchase. Your product key will be sent to you automatically.

Resend Product Key

Please enter your purchase email below.

I have a product key that won't work anymore, what gives?
Usually, this happens if a refund was provided. If you have a product key that's only 6 characters long, please contact me below and include it in your message to receive a new one.
The app isn't what I expected, can you provide a refund?
Yes, please contact me below with your product key or order number and I'll let you know when it's processed.
Soo, about that student discount you mentioned?
Right! Just click here and enter your student email. A (mostly) automatic system will send you a coupon if it determines your email is from a school. Please use your personal email when making the purchase so you can still get your product key after you graduate.

Student Discount

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Technical Solutions

I've made a terrible mistake. How can I reinstall completely?
Here are the reinstall instructions. If you don't want to access this page, you can block this URL:
My website block isn't working. What can I try?
There could be a few reasons why a website isn't being blocked. Please visit the website blocking troubleshooting section of the user guide to see if it's one of the common issues.
My application block isn't working. Any suggestions?
Some apps can be a bit more challenging to block. Please visit the application blocking troubleshooting section of the user guide to see if we cover how to block that app.
I'm seeing high CPU usage, what can I do?
Please make sure to update to the latest version by following these instructions. If you're using the latest version already, high CPU usage is normal for about 10 seconds after launching an app with administrative privileges. It should go back down to <1% shortly after. If you blocked time changes, having the Settings app open may also cause high CPU usage.
Time changes are blocked under Settings > Blocking but I still found a way around it, suggestions?
On Windows, you can restrict time changes by removing permissions for your account. After that, you can block the Group Policy editor from making changes again by blocking this file: C:\Windows\system32\mmc.exe
What are your system and browser requirements?
Short answer: Windows 7 or macOS 10.12 and later. More details and all supported browsers can be found on our system requirements page.


Do you have a user guide?
Yes, please read our user guide for the most complete overview of how everything works.
Can you take phone calls or screenshare?
Unfortunately, no. I'm a one man show and just don't have the resources to offer that level of support.
Do you have a version for my phone?
Android, iOS or other operating systems like ChromeOS are not supported. Limitations in the operating system prevent apps like Blocker from being hard to delete.
Do you have a Linux version?
No, unfortunately it's hard enough to support two platforms already. Maybe in the future, but not right now. Thanks for understanding!
Can I prevent myself from disabling the extensions or uninstalling the software?
Yes, locking your block will make the uninstaller fail when you click "Next" and will also block your browser until you enable the extension again.

Contact the Developer

If the FAQ or user guide didn't answer your question, feel free message me.

Responses may take a few workdays.