Distraction ➔ Motivation

When a website is blocked, you'll see a motivational quote to remind you that you should be working. The block page can be customized in the pro version.

Blocking websites show a motivational block page
Block lists can include websites, applications and exceptions

Website Blocking

Use the default distraction list, or create your own customized block lists. Add an unlimited number of websites to as many block lists as you want. The block lists can be started by a timer or scheduled blocks.

How do I block the entire Internet?

Wildcards can be used to block the entire Internet. Just add *.* to the website tab of the block list.

Can I just have a whitelist?

Yes. Just block the entire Internet by blocking *.* under the website tab and then add the sites you need to access under the exceptions tab.

How do I block specific pages?

If you'd still want to allow Facebook but block a specific page, like a Facebook profile, you can do this by adding: facebook.com/username

Can I block Google searches?

Yes, use the wildcard feature to block Google searches. For example, here's how to block searches for unicorns: google.*/*q=*unicorns*

A popup appears when Blocker blocks an application

Application Blocking

Games and certain other programs can be distracting. Just go to the Applications tab when editing your block list and add the executable files to block them too.

Starting a Timer

Pick when you'd like the block to end, then start the timer by flipping the switch.

By default, Cold Turkey Blocker will lock the timer to prevent changes. You can change this setting for future timers by going to Settings > Locking.

Block websites and applications using a timer
Block websites and applications using a schedule

Using the Scheduler

Just click and drag directly on the schedule to add a block. The schedule will automatically repeat every week. Set it up once and forget about it.

You can lock the schedule during a block or until a certain date by going to Settings > Locking.

Frozen Turkey

Frozen Turkey is a feature that helps you schedule time away from your computer. When activated, you'll be locked out your user account and won't be able to use the computer. Since it's just locking your user account, you won't lose any work.

Block everything on your computer by using the frozen turkey feature
Easily start a website or application block from the system menu tray

Start a Block in Two Clicks

A timed block can quickly be started with only two clicks from the system menu icon.


Set a password to prevent other users from viewing or changing your settings. You can also have a friend set the password so that they have control over your settings.

Lock Cold Turkey Blocker settings using a password
Statistics on website and application usage


The statistics feature keeps track of your biggest time-wasters. Don't worry, the data collected never leaves your computer.

Daily Time Limits and Breaks

Sprints are useful if you'd prefer to alternate the block on and off while you work to allow for breaks at predefined times. If you'd rather have more control over your breaks, daily time limits provide a daily allowance for items in your block list.

Add breaks to your website and application block

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