Block Websites

Use the default distraction list, import existing categories of websites, or create your own custom block lists. Add an unlimited number of websites to as many block lists as you want.

Block domains

Adding facebook.com to the block list will block all webpages on Facebook including subdomains.

Block specific URLs

Adding reddit.com/r/funny will block that specific page only.

Block keywords using wildcards

The * character represents any text. Google searches for "unicorn" can be blocked by adding: google.com/*q=*unicorn*

Block the entire internet

Adding *.* to your block list will block all websites. Just make sure to add the sites you need under the website exceptions tab.

Good Bye Twitter!

When a website is blocked, you'll see a motivational quote to remind you that you should be working. The block page can be customized in the pro version.

Screenshot of block page

Pause for a Cause

The Pause for a Cause feature allows you donate to the World Wildlife Fund for a 10 minute break. You can use this feature in case of an emergency but it can also be disabled under Settings > Blocking if you use it too much.

Past donations are be posted regularly for transparency.

Block Applications Pro Only

Games and other distracting applications can be blocked alongside websites.

Block by file

Select exe files on Windows or the app in macOS to easily block applicaions.

Block folders

Selecting a folder to block will block all exe files or apps located in that folder.

Block Windows 10 apps

Most apps from the Microsoft Store can be blocked by selecting it from a list.

Block window titles

On Windows, you can block apps by window title. This also applies to website titles, but instead of your browser being blocked only the website will be blocked.
Screenshot of application blocking

Block Your Entire Computer

Frozen Turkey is a type of block that you can use to lock, log off or shutdown your computer. This feature makes it easy to schedule time away from your workstation for a break or a quick walk.

Scheduled Blocks Pro Only

Click and drag directly on the schedule to add a block. The schedule will automatically repeat every week. Set it up once and forget about it.

Screenshot of scheduler

Locking a Block

To prevent yourself from easily disabling the block, you can choose to lock your block. A locked block will automatically prevent you from being able to disable the extension or uninstall Blocker.


Prevents changes until a specified time in the future. You can always extend the lock if you want.

Random Text

Requires you to type out a series of randomized characters to unlock the block. The length of randomized text can be customized between 1 and 999 characters.

Time Range

Prevents changes or only allows changes to the block between certain times of day.


Requires you to restart your computer in order to unlock the block.

Password Pro Only

In the pro version, a password can be used to lock the block. This can be a useful feature for parents or someone with an accountability partner.

Take a Break Pro Only

You aren't a robot. Take some breaks while working to help keep you refreshed and focused for when it's time to get stuff done.

Pomodoro timers

Pomodoro timers alternate the block on and off while you work to allow for breaks at predefined times.


Allowances, on the other hand, let you use blocked websites and apps until the allowance is used up. At which point, your block will start.
Screenshot of application blocking

Numbers Don't Lie

Keep track of what you spend time on. Discover what your top websites and applications are and let the data guide your decision on what to block.

Screenshot of statistics

You Own Your Data

Your settings and statistics are only stored on your computer. Selling personal data is not part of our business model (because it's not collected!) and never will be. You can also delete and export your statistics in a JSON file.

Custom User Selection Pro Only

Use a shared computer? In the pro version, you can choose which user accounts are affected by the block.

Application Password Pro Only

An application password can be set in order to prevent other users from viewing settings or making changes.

Screenshot of custom user selection

Advanced Features

If you're an advanced user and found a workaround, there's probably a way to prevent it here.

Block time changes

This feature prevents you from changing the system time to circumvent a block.

Block the task manager

In most cases, the block will continue to work even if the processes are stopped. You can block the task manager just to be safe though!

Block embedded content

When enabled, blocked sites loaded in an iframe (like Youtube videos) will still be blocked.

Command line interface

Start, stop, toggle and lock blocks using the command line. This lets you control your block using third party apps.

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