Alright, let's do this.

Thank you for choosing Cold Turkey Blocker.

If your download doesn't start automatically, please click here.

Once the installer is downloaded, double-click the icon. The installer may request administrative privileges and then guide you through the rest of the installation.

Cold Turkey Blocker download
Install the browser addons to enable website blocking

Install the extensions.

This version of Cold Turkey Blocker requires browser extensions to be installed to perform the block. Please follow the instructions to install the browser extensions.

These extensions do not send any information off of your computer.

If the extensions are disabled during a locked block, your browser will be closed until you re-enable them.

You're about to get a lot more productive.

To start a block, click "Edit block lists" to review the default distractions list and then start a timer by going to the Timers tab.

You can re-open Cold Turkey Blocker by clicking the system menu icon (near the system clock).

Screenshot of dashboard