Thanks for choosing Blocker!

Your download should begin automatically. If not, click here.

Setting up Blocker

Once the installer finishes downloading, double-click the icon to launch the installer. The installer will require administrative privileges to run. Follow the prompts in the installer until the installer completes and automatically launches Blocker.

Installer screenshot
Extension installer screenshot

Installing extensions

This version of Cold Turkey Blocker requires browser extensions to be installed before you start a block. Please click the buttons to install the browser extensions. Once they are installed, you can close the window.

For your privacy, these extensions do not send any information off of your computer. For more information, please click here.

Unfortunately, only Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers are supported at this time. Internet Explorer and Edge will be closed during a block.

Starting a block

You're all set! Now, click the green button that says "Edit block lists" on the dashboard to review the default distractions list and start a timer by going to the Timers tab.

You can also start a block by right-clicking the system tray icon and clicking "Start Timer" when the window is closed.

Screenshot of dashboard