What we feel as addiction is part of something much bigger.

Ideally, this product shouldn't need to exist. The fact that it does, with over half a million downloads, tells you something is going on.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and other websites are in a zero-sum race for your finite attention. The more time you spend using their service, the more money they make through advertising.

Many people blame themselves for being unable to stay away from social media. This blame is misguided. The real blame is to be put on the companies that point AI-driven news feeds and notifications at our minds, continuously learning from it, to keep us scrolling longer.

Website and applications can feel embedded in your brain

What do we do about it?

Deleting your accounts to distracting services might be one way to solve the problem, but that's pretty extreme for a lot of people.

The key is moderation. Cold Turkey Blocker helps you do this by temporarily blocking sites and distracting applications so that you can focus or get offline when you need to.

How do I learn more?

Parts of this page were paragraphed from the Center for Humane Technology. The original webpage describing the problem can be found here.

Tristan Harris, the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Center for Humane Technology, also has an informative TED talk.