Install Chrome Extension


Install extension

Click the button on the right to install the extension. The listed permissions are required to block websites. No data collected is ever sent off your computer.


Enable incognito permissions

You should be asked to enable incognito permissions right after installing the extension. If you don't do this, the extension will disable itself. If this happens, please enable incognito permissions and enable the extension again.

If incognito mode is disabled for your browser but you're still being asked to enable the permission, you may need to manually disable incognito mode using these instructions.


Double-check other permissions

Please ensure that the permission for site access is set to on all sites.

Optionally, you can enable the allow access to file URLs permission to allow the extension to block local files loaded in the browser. This is only required if you force this permission to be enabled under Settings > Blocking.

Are you sure?

You were brought here to make installing the extension easier in case you removed it during a locked block. You can safely close this tab if you already uninstalled Blocker.