"Thank you so much for creating this program! It took me about a month to really feel the changes Cold Turkey helped me set in motion. I no longer feel the itching need to check reddit, or facebook, or anything. I feel as if I've been unshackled from my computer. This has been especially important for me, as I have re-enrolled in university. You've given me a tool to resist the predatory behavior of tech companies, and helped me reclaim my free time. Again, thank you."

- Max

Max, successfully using Cold Turkey Blocker to block Reddit and Facebook to help study
A.T. Lynne, successfully using Cold Turkey Writer to write 50 thousand words distraction-free

"I did it! I wrote 50,000+ words in 18 days! And I owe it all to you and Cold Turkey Writer. Gosh, your app is clearly priceless for my creativity as well as the satisfaction of once again feeling some control of those out-of-control urges to be such a Pavlovian puppet for all the marketeers and targeted distractions that leap out of this machine when unblocked."

- A.T. Lynne

"I just wanted to share my thanks with you. Your service has been proving invaluable for me when wishing to better manage my free time. Outside of the working week, I used to waste huge expanses of time on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Amazon Prime and Netflix. Your service has been critical to controlling my free time and transforming it into a space for me to organize thought, business ideas and work on personal development without external distractions. I love the addition of quotes into your page blocking. I have recognized many from some of the books I have been reading and it has been great to be reminded of some as I have gone along. Thanks again and I wish you luck in future endeavours."

- Ben

Ben, using Cold Turkey Blocker to block Youtube, Facebook and Amazon to better manage his free time
R. Campbell using Cold Turkey Blocker to get out of a habit loop of checking apps

"After using Cold Turkey for 3 weeks now, I’ve noticed the difference. I have a bad habit of checking monitoring apps, or visiting the same web pages throughout the day, being a massive unproductive time sink. Being an ex-developer first thing I did was try to find workarounds on circumventing the blocks but nope. It held true. First app like this I can't break and it's helping me break bad habits."

- R. Campbell

"I've tried so many website blockers / browser extensions throughout the years, but I can't find anything that isn't easy to get around / uninstall. I can't express how grateful I am that cold turkey works even when there's a VPN running, across all browsers, and is impossible to delete. There's a few time wasting sites I really need to block in order to be productive, and cold turkey is a life saver."

- Daniel

Daniel, enjoying how difficult it is to get around Cold Turkey Blocker