Features and Tour

People love Cold Turkey because it's flexible and it's difficult to circumvent. But here's a quick overview of some other features.

Distraction Motivation

When Cold Turkey blocks a website, you'll see a nice motivational message to remind you that you should be working.

Block Twitter


Block websites and applications

Block Websites

Easily block an unlimited number of websites. You can create up to six different block lists for different occasions!

In the macOS version, you even have the ability to block certain parts of websites! This feature is coming to the Windows version shortly.



White Listing

Need to block everything except for a few sites? No problem. Just add sites in the exception tab to allow them. You can block the entire Internet by adding: *.* to the block list.



Block Applications

Not all distractions are online. You can use Cold Turkey to block anything from games to email clients.


Schedule Blocks

Easily create a weekly schedule that you can stick to. You can lock the schedule until a certain point in time to prevent yourself from making changes.



Allow Breaks

You don't have to go Cold Turkey completely! The app will still let you schedule breaks between work periods to help you recharge.

Block Twitter


Frozen Turkey

Get Offline

Frozen Turkey is a feature that helps you schedule time away from your computer. When activated, you'll be locked out of your computer.


Keep Track of Progress

Each blocked website or application counts for time saved. Ironically, you can share your progress with friends on Facebook!

Frozen Turkey


All Major Browsers Supported

Configure Cold Turkey once to see your policy automatically applied to all major browsers.


Two Click Start

A timed block can be started with only two clicks through the system menu. But you'll have more options if you start the timer using the main interface.

Start blocking distrations in two clicks